Consulting Services Discontinued

I stopped taking consulting clients in 2003. If you are looking for computer or web assistance, you may contact me for a referral.

Domain Not For Sale

I have current uses and future plans for the domain and don't intend to sell it. Unless you have a lot of money and a wild desire to part with it, you probably shouldn't contact me about purchasing the domain.

Wrong Steve Larsen

If you are looking for Steve Larsen the motorcycle writer, you should go to

If you are a different Steve Larsen and would like a link, just contact me and I will provide it, as long as you're not posting yucky or naughty stuff. That word "naughty" has fallen out of favor. That's too bad. I think it should be used more often. Too much stuff is labeled as intended for adults, when it's just naughty stuff.

Odds and Ends

The sad tale of losing my favorite cookies is still here. And you can also still get my peach smoothie recipe here.